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A mix of culture, experience, interaction among various
professionals, high technology and modern entrepreneurship.

With locations in Vicenza and Milan, Moret is founded on the deep knowledge
of aesthetic quality and materials gained by the Pashamoglu family
over more than thirty-five years of experience in fine rugs.

Our decades-long tradition combines with contemporary Italian craftsmanship.
The close relationship forged with artists, designers and architects in creating and designs for
homes, stores, showrooms, hotels, golf clubs, yachts and jets all over the world
tailor-made collections has made Moret an international leader
in the sector of luxury and custom rugs.

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We manage the entire design and production process, bringing together ideas, design and advanced technology. With a view toward continuous research and development of innovative solutions in terms of quality and creativity, we have built a partnership network with leading companies throughout various phases of the production process. Together with these partners, we explore the possibility of mutual exchanges in areas that stand for quality and style and are emblematic of Made in Italy, such as interior design, fashion, and leather and jewellery making.

Our team is made up of professionals originating from the worlds of fashion and design and embraces the vision of the designer to together create the most effective solution.
This process takes form through the definition of the design, the weaving techniques, the selection of yarns, colours and combinations to create the proper balance and finally the attention paid to even the smallest detail.




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We directly select and buy the raw materials – wool, linen, silk and viscose – and coordinate the spinning process to guarantee maximum quality. The colour palettes used in the design are entirely recreated with top-of-the-line dyes and cutting-edge dyeing machinery. The colours are modulated through precise chemical formulas that make it possible to consistently capture every hue and nuance. The materials are then woven and hand-finished with the utmost attention to detail in order to achieve a result that is as faithful to the design as possible.


We lend our expertise and entrepreneurship skills as creative consultants to the designers. We guarantee the faithful and diligent execution of their rug designs, ensuring high quality standards over time. We carefully scout the best professionals to interpret the design and use the most advanced technology to ensure top-quality production and faithfully interpret a wide range of complex designs and creative languages. Our commitment in this sense enables us to fulfil our requests in a precise and timely manner, providing one-of-a-kind, large-area rugs, some measuring even up to 100m2, delivered and installed all over the world.

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Tel:  +39 0444 320147
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