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Design studio
We manage the entire design and production process, bringing together ideas, design and advanced technology. With a view toward continuous research and development of innovative solutions in terms of quality and creativity, we have built a partnership network with leading companies throughout various phases of the production process. Together with these partners, we explore the possibility of mutual exchanges in areas that stand for quality and style and are emblematic of Made in Italy, such as interior design, fashion, and leather and jewellery making.
Our team is made up of professionals originating from the worlds of fashion and design and embraces the vision of the designer to together create the most effective solution.
This process takes form through the definition of the design, the weaving techniques, the selection of yarns, colours and combinations to create the proper balance and finally the attention paid to even the smallest detail.

 moret mareriali

We have been buying selected wools straight from the producer for over three decades now. We love to handle the materials that will be used for the various articles. Raw wool, linen and silk are thus shipped for storage at our production site in Turkey to proceed with the spinning process. We know exactly which carpets thematerials we handle and select are for and cannot afford tomake any mistakes.
The flavour of those lands lives on in all of the completed carpets delivered to customers all over the world through our shops in Milan and Vicenza.

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Dye and Colour
Optical tests have revealed that the human eye can differentiate at most up to 180-200 shades, as Pastoureau suggested in his treatises on colour. Starting from the primary colours of red, yellow and blue, and with the help of some invaluable assistants, at Moret we have developed our own palette of 180 colours. Years of experience in the field of colouring and surveys on the taste of our customers led us to choose various neutral hues, including 24 beiges, 24 purples and 24 greens, together with over 20 shades of grey. These are the colours we use to make most of our rugs. Adding shade after shade, we create a chromatically perfect rug – an object that will captivate the eye and the mind. Our choices are made to meet European trends and we have laid great store by the ideas and taste expressed by Italian designers over the last fifty years.

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We directly select and buy the raw materials – wool, linen, pure silk and viscose – and coordinate the spinning process to guarantee maximum quality. The colour palettes used in the design are entirely recreated with top-of-the-line dyes and cutting-edge dyeing machinery.
The colours are modulated through precise chemical formulas that make it possible to consistently capture every hue and nuance.
The materials are then woven (Hand-knotted, Tufted or Axminster) and hand-finished with the utmost attention to detail in order to achieve a result that is as faithful to the design as possible.

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The perfection of our carpets is the result of quality control in all the phases of production, last but not least finishing. This involves burning the excess hairs on the back of the carpet, washing in purified and thoroughly tested water, beating with special machines, examination of the edges, nailing and stretching.The only “imperfections” admitted are caused by our weavers, as they alone can deviate froma procedure that is tried and tested and kept under constant surveillance. Let us not forget that the presence of irregularities in products that are still hand-made is a guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity.


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