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The spirit of this collection is inspired by the desire to realise unique objects created by unique designers. By combining Moret’s experience and the studies of Aldo Cibic we have aimed to make an all Italian affair. Italian creativity and taste are clearly a key to success on markets worldwide. The spirit of this collection is inspired by the desire to realize unique objects created by unique inventors. Each carpet arouses various feeling and has multiple levels of interpretation. Initially, you're stuck by the balance of colours of a lively, soft decoration. But then you notice that in these carpets the decorations have become small men holding hands, or animals conjuring up Noah's Ark or a series of vegetable motifs.The last level is the material level. It's the result of various combinations of wool, silk, linen and other precious yarns that create high and low relief effects as well as reflections of a special light. Merry-Go-Round has been selected by The New York Times as one of the best pieces of the 2012 Salone del Mobile.


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