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Moret, as a partner,  offers readily available packages to furniture companies solutions that give value to their furnishing elements, by giving them new visibility and brand & markets placement.
A carpet naturally interacts with furnishing elements; therefore Moret has been developing unique collections for companies of various types, studying their style and market.
As well as the design phase, Moret plans and manages the world logistics and collaborates with its partners for the development of the communication tools, giving value to every carpet and to its integrated concept.

• Analysis of style and mood of the partner
• Consulting and project planning
• Identi cation of the market opportunity
• Setting of the project strategy / product-market
• Development of the trade agreements
• Organization of the line and coordination with thePartners
• Production and supply of the selected products
• Organization of the logistics
• Collaboration for the development of communication tools

Some of our partners & clients

- Black tie – furniture
- Cavio – furniture
- Cleto Munari – design
- Max& Co. – fashion
- Samuele Mazza – furniture
- Sitland – seats
- Visionnaire by Ipe – furniture


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Fax: +39 0444 325221

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