Intrigue is the combination of Matteo Cibic’s signature style and Moret’s rugs.

One can see the signs of Italian design, pick up on the playful feel and timeless elegance and admire the slow, expert manufacturing process that pays tribute to the stunning light reflections created by the waterways in the 18th-century palazzi of the Veneto and Tuscany. The large windows allow the sun to illuminate the vibrant gold of the stunning frescoed ceilings, adorned with coffers, with the rivers and waterways still to this day – even centuries down the line – serving to create the magical effects. Summer brings warm, shimmering reflections that dance on the ceilings of the buildings. Winter is flat, opaque and cold – yet despite this veiled reflections allude to the slow passing of time.

The new collection

The collection is characterised by the use of silk and wool, which are knotted and inlaid to create shadow effects with high and low relief work. The two materials – shiny and matte – create a sense of constant movement emphasised and enhanced by tiny pieces of hammered metal, which reflects the light and gives the rug an iridescent quality.

The collection playfully experiments with small pieces of malachite, used for large lead-soldered windows, in the metal grills covering them and for ancient ceiling coffers.