carpet care

carpet care

Carpet maintenance is an activity that prolongs the life of the carpet, enhances its qualities, and keeps its value intact.

recommendations for use

Recommendations for use:
* Place the carpet on the anti-slip net.
* Keep the carpet away from heat sources.
* Protect the carpet from moisture.
* Never place plants, even with a saucer, directly on the carpet.
* The carpet should not be thrown around.

cleaning kit

The Moret Cleaning Kit consists of a bottle of shampoo and a brush with a dispenser or sponge:
1. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
2. Dilute 1 part shampoo with 10 parts of water.
3. Apply the foam with a brush that has a dispenser or with a clean sponge.
4. Let it dry for at least 12 hours.

how to clean carpets

Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a built-in brush or with a carpet cleaner set to the lowest suction power.
Always follow the direction of the fleece, without getting close to the edges and fringes. Occasionally turn the carpet upside down with the pile towards the floor and vacuum the reverse side.

falling liquids: what to do?

In case of accidental spillage of liquids on the carpet:
1. Vacuum the liquids with a vacuum cleaner.
2. Blot the liquid residues with blotting paper without applying excessive pressure to the carpet itself.
3. If a barely visible stain remains, use the Cleaning Kit.
N.B. do not remove the stain with bleach or acidic materials.

the workshop

Contact the workshop when:
* the stains remain visible despite cleaning with the Cleaning Kit.
* the carpet is accidentally damaged after daily cleaning.
* treating oil-based stains.
* carrying out special checks (every 3-5 years.)
If you have any other concerns phone +39 0444 320 147 .