about us

about us

Tailoring beauty since 1970
Italian innovation and style, Turkish sensitivity and craftsmanship: what makes a Moret carpet special is the harmony of all the forces at play, woven or knotted to transform a dream into a precious and inimitable project.

Moret and Pashà

Moret has been a bespoke weaver since 1970. It creates exclusive collections and customised carpets by collaborating with prestigious designers and creating projects for luxury settings, retail, hotels, and high fashion.

Italian style
Turkish craftsmanship

From the meeting of two cultures comes the uniqueness of Moret, and this union is the Pashamoglu-De Robertis family. The group has succeeded in creating a unique balance between Italian innovation and Turkish craftsmanship: a mix of perfect weaves that can be found in every facet of Moret and its carpets; a story that begins on the borders of Asia and continues in the heart of Europe. Maddalena De Robertis, Hasan Pashamoglu and Deniz Pashamoglu invite you to discover the world of Pashà and Moret step-by-step.



technology and tradition

The supply chain in Turkey maintains the know-how of an ancient tradition, made up of the techniques and manual skills of weavers, combined with industrial Italian ingenuity and Made in Italy design. Moret carpets combine the typical sensitivity of Asian culture with a love of Italian art, recognised throughout the world.