Moret collaborates with each customer to help him realize his vision of a perfect interior, bringing creativity to life and self-expression or brand expression.

art & sign

Rugs by artists and authors who express, through Moret’s expertise, their sign and their poetics in numbered series.

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asa - Flavio Albanese

Elegance and simplicity are timeless characteristics of the vision of Flavio Albanese and his studio. These distinctive features are to be found in all patterns developed ad hoc customised to clients’ requirements.

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silver chic - Sotirios Papadopulos

Silver Chic was conceived as a fashion collection, inspired by the glamour and elegance of some of the most fascinating icons of the golden age of cinema. It is a homage to nostalgia’s magic and dreams. Designs inspired by the world of couture – from chalkstripes, hound’s tooth and classic tartan to herringbone – with marked contrasts between the materials – from woolly fabrics to the softest ones with their precious silver threads.

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happy carpets - Aldo Cibic

The decorations – once they were patterns from ancient traditions – have become small men holding hands, or animals conjuring up Noah’s Ark or a series of vegetable motifs, which like the others, however, always have an abstract or surreal design.

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freedom & butterflies - Samuele Mazza

In Moret’s research in the field of design carpets, this collection tells the capacity of the Italian brand to respond to the various tastes of contemporary living through the high quality of materials, sophisticated processing techniques and studied formal solutions. So that the carpet can be, in any lived space, both public and private, a frame and suggestion for evocative, soft and enveloping sensations.

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magic & follie - Diego Chilò

The models designed by Diego Chilò are part of the Moret research aimed at identifying new horizons for contemporary carpets, seen as bearers of ideas, universal dreams and poetry. A special metallic yarn in gold, silver and bronze versions identifies the symbolic shapes and illuminates the various colours chosen by Chilò. A new material and chromatic complexity for the Moret carpet, enhanced by the low-relief effects obtained through the modulation of the heights of the different yarns.

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intrigue - Matteo Cibic

Italia design and timeless elegance come together in the Intrigue collection designed by Matteo Cibic. A slow and precious manufacture that pays homage to the magic of light that the waterways animate in the eighteenthcentury palaces of Veneto and Tuscany. The collection is characterised by the use of silks and wools, woven and inlaid to create light and dark effects, as well as high and low relief

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la via della seta - Maurizio Molini

The Silk Road is the first carpet in the new collection designed by Maurizio Molini. It recalls adventurous journeys: from Venice, cosmopolitan port and cultural crossroads, imaginary lines intersect, narrating journeys and landscapes. As with the Sacred Songs of Bruce Chatwin, it traces the dynamic metaphysical labyrinth evoked by mythical journeys.

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high density - Angelo Tartaglia

Reflecting on the concept of the infinite, where space and time being non-dimensional, are understood and comparable as a single idea and this has inspired the High Density carpet Collection. A dynamic vortex, designed threedimensionally, like a Super Nova, its high density attracts everything around it into itself to be reunified as ONE.

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save the sea - Luca Marcante

The power of colour in the service of beauty and, indeed, colour catches the eye and stimulates the mind of the observer and takes us on a journey of self-discovery and examination of our own emotions. The five senses melt into the world around us and all becomes a deep sea to be saved: we save the sea and with it, ourselves.

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rose - Itamar Harari

The rose is an iconic, strongly emotive flower as expressed in its perfume, touch and above all the iconography of its arrangement of petals; an icon which has nurtured strong symbolism and poetic associations. Its distilled form expressed in various colours and several shades translates expressive language into poetry, captured in the structure of every angle. A contemporary and timeless masterpiece.

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ideas - Francesco Pascali

In the Ideas collection of Francesco Pascali line, form, colour and surfaces are keystones in a language which invents its own rules, “abstraction and empathy”, composite works, “harmonious” hybrids, between the surrealist manner of psychic automatism, digital representation techniques and the skilled hands which brings them to life.

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corte sconta

With Corte Sconta the dream of the universal carpet, neither oriental nor ancient, but authentic and contemporary, it becomes palpable matter, consistent texture It is perceptible to the touch. A collection that does not hide the warp but, on the contrary, enhances it, in a wide variety of monochromatic textures.

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Inspired by Swedish geometric motifs , these Moret styles are made from long, soft merino wool. They are suited to modern and minimalist environments, creating a lively and stylish ambience.

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canal grande

Canal Grande interprets the world of the classic carpet in a new and original way employing the traditional motives in a surprising and colored way. The antique charm of the ancient designs finds expression in a universe of codes and signs translated according to today’s man’s culture.

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New trendy colors, designs extrapolating and making greater the details of the tradition, transfiguring them, as to almost to physically enter the warp, know it and live it again from a new and surprising point of view. Fontego makes the carpet explode and it reconstructs its essence. Thread by thread. Weft by weft.

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DUCAL is a cultural tribute to the manufacturing history of Savonnerie of Paris. This manufacturer was the most prestigious manufacturer of knotted rugs in Europe which rose to its greatest splendour between 1650 and 1685; carpets are made of wool and viscose is used for tiny details, knotting using Turkish knotting techniques.

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Traditional manufacturing selected by the Pashamoglu – De Robertis family, experts in antique and valuable carpets for three generations. This includes Asian and European carpets, both antique and modern.

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