Moret for contract

Hotels, boutiques, restaurants, offices, yachts, villas.
Every room has its own customised carpet.

Moret's contract services

Contracting requires high levels of performance, impeccable finishes, and clear delivery times. This is why, over the years, Moret has structured itself to meet the needs of this world, which is as fascinating as it is demanding: we provide consultancy services to identify the best carpets and solutions, with a quick estimate, study of colours and made-to-measure samples, and we manage shipping and installation anywhere in the world.


design and consultancy

Our know-how, obtained from almost fifty years’ experience is combined with the aesthetic, functional and qualitative needs of contract projects: carpets of different shapes and sizes, wall-to-wall, carpets. Every idea is developed from concept to completion, from installation to certification.

dyes and colours

Moret's in-house dye facility allows for an infinite number of shades and tints to be made-to-measure for each project, always with the utmost attention to quality, safety and environmental sustainability of the colours used.


We can supply samples quickly thanks to direct production management. Samples are indispensable to define the contours of an idea, which is why Moret offers the option to touch the yarns, being able to distinguish the colours in real-time and browsing through each pattern that has already been woven.


Working for hotels, boutiques, restaurants, offices, yachts and villas means complying with international certifications and standards. Moret provides fire and smoke certifications.


Moret adapts colours and materials to each customer's concept. Materials are purchased directly from manufacturers.
Siverek Wool
New Zealand Wool
80% Wool and 20% Polyamide
Fine linen
Pure silk
Metallic yarns
Metallic accessories

processing techniques

Hand-knotted carpets as in the past, but also the latest mechanical or automated looms: Moret knows how to choose the most suitable technique for each project.
Hand-knotted cut pile carpet
Hand-woven cut & loop pile carpet
Savonnerie hand-knotted cut pile carpet
Premium tufted cut & loop pile carpet
Hand-woven Kilim
Kilim on Axminster Jacquard loom - carpet cut & loop pile

packaging and shipping

The packaging can be chosen according to requirements and be provided with a custom-made label, with any logo provided. Thanks to its network of partners, Moret delivers carpets all over the world.

professional installation

The contract project ends with the installation of the carpets. Moret is structured to install all over the world, choosing and supplying the necessary accessories, underlays, and glues for a flawless result.