size guide

Standard dimensions of Moret rugs

Rectangular rugs
240 x 300 cm
270 x 350 cm
300 x 400 cm
350 x 450 cm

Square rugs
270×270 cm
280×280 cm
300×300 cm
350×350 cm

Round rugs
diameter 280 cm
diameter 300 cm
diameter 350 cm

custom: no limits.


Moret’s guide to positioning and measuring carpets for your living space.

hallway and entrance rugs

Hallways and entrances are spaces that should be enhanced with a high-quality rug to welcome you back home. Rectangular, square, or round carpets can be considered for both applications, depending on the size of the space and the furniture that occupies it.

dining room carpet

Moret recommends round or rectangular rugs, depending on the shape of the table, which should be positioned in such a way that the entire area around the table is generously covered. The ideal size is 75-150cm from each side of the table, so that the rug can easily accommodate the movement of the chairs.

living room carpet - proposal A

When space is at a premium, a large carpet that can hold all the furniture in the living room is the ideal solution to define and furnish the room. The size must be such as to create an edge of at least 10cm around each piece of furniture, sofa, or armchair.

living room carpet - proposal B

If the space is smaller, Moret recommends placing the carpet only under the front legs of the sofa, armchairs, or chairs by at least 10-15cm. This solution is also perfect when one of the pieces of living room furniture rests against a wall. In this way, the carpet can unify and enlarge the room.

Bedroom carpet - proposal A

If the bedroom is very spacious, the carpet can cover the entire sleeping area, including the bedside tables. The elegance of this solution can be seen when the carpet exceeds the short sides of the bed and bedside tables by at least 50cm.

bedroom carpet - proposal B

There is also a second solution that does not extend all the way to the bedside tables, but still allows a space of 50cm to be covered on the sides and beyond the foot of the bed. The carpet will be the natural island where you can find all the warmth of the yarn, as soon as you get out of bed barefoot.

stair carpets

Stair carpets require experience and precision. That's why Moret sends a team of professionals to survey and install the stairs, both straight and curved, before production.

custom-made carpet

Customised carpets are unique pieces woven to suit the space in which they will be placed. It is not only a question of size, but also of personality: the shades, the yarns, and the space occupied act as a reference with the other elements of the furnishings and the custom-made carpet becomes an open book on the spirit of the home and those who live there.