Anatolian Isparta

Yellow, Green

Anatolia, an integral part of Turkey, is divided, by experts, into three production areas, south-western, central and eastern Anatolia. In these geographical areas, highly refined carpets are produced and woven to a very high standard, testifying to a tradition with very distant roots: Marco Polo, in 1271, was already aware of the extraordinary ability of Turkish weavers, writing: "Here, the most beautiful carpets in the world are made. Anatolian carpets are distinguished by their great variety of colours. As well as comprising a number of colours, said colours accentuated by the particular sphericity of the wool are generally full, bright, warm and soft. In general, there are many colours that are rare in other countries' productions, such as yellow, green, purple and orange. White rarely appears as the dominant colour and is generally used to emphasise contrasts and blend in with backgrounds of other colours.
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320 x 214 cm
1950 ca.
100% wool
hand-knotted rug