Red, Purple

Grau Garriga applied the teachings of Picasso and Mirò to textile art. Originally from Catalonia, he was first a pupil of Pablo Picasso and then of Joan Mirò, who welcomed him into his studio in San Cugat, where Garu Garriga later opened a carpet and tapestry factory. Here he created works of expressionist and abstract art. France, England, Spain, Portugal and the Balkans: these are the European regions that have seen the development of an indigenous production of particularly fine woven carpets. The history of European carpets reflects the different cultures of the old continent: from the court tradition in England and France to the village tradition, so to speak, typical of Portuguese production, from the import of Turkish and Egyptian motifs into Moorish Spain to the continuous and dialectical relationship with the various artistic currents - from Rococo to Neoclassicism, from Naturalism to contemporary abstractionism. From the first Aubusson tapestries to the Royal Manufactures of Gobelin and Beauvais, in France; from the productions of Fulham, Exeter, Axminster, Donegal and above all Moorsfields, in England, to the Portuguese Arraiolos, embroidered with the needle on large hemp cloths and often of geometric cut and Indian inspiration; from Turkish-Egyptian motifs and the typical Arab-Spanish weaving, according to the Mudejar style, of the productions of Cuenca, Alcaraz, Cinchillia, Letur, in Spain, to the more linear and traditional carpets of the Balkan area: the history of European carpets is the history of a progressive liberation from oriental influences and an equally progressive maturation of autonomous and strongly characterised techniques and languages. The great variety of carpets, which intersect the political, cultural and artistic history of the peoples of Europe with aristocratic nonchalance, has required a long and passionate research and selection process at Pashà. The result is a precious line of unique carpets that will delight collectors and connoisseurs of beauty.
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260 x 375 cm
1950 ca.
100% wool
hand-knotted rug