The Collezione Magic [Magic Collection] designed by Diego Chilò, an architect and designer from Vicenza, is part of the Moret research aimed at identifying new horizons for contemporary carpets, seen as bearers of ideas, universal dreams and poetry. Diego Chilò brought his experience as an industrial designer, stimulating research into innovative techniques and special finishes. This has led to the creation of the Mani, Impronte, Reale and Sistema carpets, which offer designs with strong symbolism, combining yarns such as wool, viscose, pure silk and fine linen. A special metallic yarn in gold, silver and bronze versions identifies the symbolic shapes and illuminates the colours chosen by Chilò, which range from various shades of grey to blue, from Bordeaux red to black. The Collezione Magic thus proposes a new material and chromatic complexity for the Moret carpet, enhanced by the low-relief effects obtained through the modulation of the heights of the different yarns. "The origin of this project was the choice to draw a sign that was impossible to change. The arch is a structural element that is difficult to reinterpret due to its very nature and the tradition to which it is linked. By reproducing this element over and over again, I refer to the history of the Veneto and, especially, to the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, a city to which I am attached and the multicoloured eye, which stands between the mirrors of the drawing, reinvents the vision through the colours." Diego Chilò
270x340 cm
Siverek wool, Viscose and Silver metal yarn
hand-knotted rug
14 mm