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The attention paid to the high-end carpet goes beyond its manufacture: it is a love as infinite as that which the gallery owner devotes to works of art. So Moret takes care of the carpet. Always.


Carpet washing and cleaning are special tasks necessary for the care of every carpet. They are carried out by professionals using specific techniques and products in the Moret workshop, to which the carpet can be sent.


Carpet restoration requires special care and a range of specific skills. Moret repairs and restores traditional and modern carpets at his workshop in Vicenza, Italy.


Moret rents carpets for events, film and photo sets. Both traditional and contemporary carpets are available.


Moret's more than half a century of experience in selling carpets and its in-depth knowledge of the culture of carpets make him a key figure when it comes to expert appraisals of carpets or the successful purchase or exchange of antique and rare specimens. Hasan Pashamoglu is a surveyor for the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce.

on-site consultation and testing

Moret is at the customer's side right from the start, offering advice with all the elements needed to choose the right carpet and carrying out an on-site test if necessary.

installations, deliveries, and collections

While the carpet is being installed, the Moret professionals take care of every single step with extreme care. Moret also organises delivery of the carpet, and collection of the carpet for possible restoration or cleaning.

workshop Moret-Pashà

The Moret-Pashà workshop is located in Vicenza, Italy. Here, Moret technicians take care of the conservation, restoration and washing of carpets, whether traditional or contemporary.

corso SS Felice e Fortunato 197
36100 Vicenza, Italy
+39 0444 320 147

monday – saturday
08:30–12:30 | 14:00–18:00

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